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on the bay area response to the storm but in new york, a massive storm surge overtook the city overnight. now residents are left in the dark. we have a report from lower manhattan with the latest. >>> reporter: floodwaters are receding and residents are checking for damage in lower manhattan this morning. >> the entire residence here is flooded out. we have no electricity. >> reporter: last night, sandy's powerful surge pushed water into the streets and into tunnels. at battery park, the water poured over the seawalls at a record 13.88 feet. authorities say 7 subway tunnels have extensive water damage. there is no timetable on when public transportation will be restored. >> make no mistake about it, this was a devastating storm, maybe the worst that we have ever experienced. >> reporter: city officials still need to figure out what to do about a crane that snapped at a construction site in midtown manhattan. in a city of tourists, this has become yet another tourist attraction. people gathering along this fence to see what's going on. >> it's weird seeing people coming together. they haven't
anne makovec is live at city hall and anne, has the sheriff shown up to work yet? >> he has not. he has been laying low for the most part this morning. but he is expected here at city hall this afternoon to meet with interim sheriff vicki hennessey. from what we understand, hennessey will remain technically the sheriff of san francisco until friday when ross mirkarimi will be back at the helm. >> i look forward to demonstrating why the people elected me as sheriff and look forward for me and my family to move in a place where we hopefully will achieve some normalcy again. >> reporter: that's ross mirkarimi on what turned into a victorious night for him at city hall after a marathon session including hours of public comment. four of the 11 supervisors voted in favor of mirkarimi keeping his job as sheriff. jane kim is one of them. she calls mirkarimi's act horrific, bruising his wife's arm on new year's eve. it happened days before he was officially sworn into office. >> we had to make an absolutely clear bright line rule as to how you can determine official misconduct in the future
extra years. we're excited. >> reporter: he says the extended stay will give the city time to plan on a long- term solution of building a new stadium. >> it's about time oakland tries to keep the oakland as in oakland. >> reporter: there were rumors that the as were headed to the south bay. i spoke with fans about the potential long distance relationship and they were nothing short of honest. would you go to a game in san jose? >> uhm....... probably not. just because i like to party a little bit and i wouldn't want to do the driving and drinking. >> they should be able to go wherever they can go and win with money and in san jose that's where it's at. it's not here. >> either way, wherever they're at, i'll be there. wherever they go, i'll always be an as fan. >> reporter: the as could stay in the east bay. the managing partner lew wolff says he is absolutely interested in reaching an agreement, an agreement fans say the east bay economy depends on. >> this is a working man's ball team. you know? $2 tickets today. where else can you go to get $2 tickets? >> reporter: the commissio
to that shooting. >> a dispute is getting more heated in san jose between a city council woman running for re-election and police union. the council woman is a pension reform advocate running for re- election. she accuses the police of deliberately delaying their response times in retaliation. the police union has gone to court to stop pension cuts from going into effect. >> they have been trying to scare the residents, they really upped it in august and september trying to scare the voters. >> she says the literature is samed at the police union leadership and not at the rank and file. police say they are doing their best with reduced personnel. the police union and president calls the campaign fly a new low. >> the bomb quad was called in to inspect a suspicious package earlier this morning. police were notified of the object on the 600 block shortly before 8:00 this morning. crews shut the street down and evacuated the child care center there. they deemed it harmless and gave the okay to let traffic resume it's normal route. >> chris stevens will be remembered tomorrow. he was killed on a
of the atlantic city board walk ended up in the street. as hurricane sandy moves closer. roads are flooded and it is only expected to get worse. hundreds of thousands of people along the east coast have evacuated. but others refuse to leave. >> this is part of me. i've got to stay here. >> reporter: the national hurricane center says the massive storm has turned to the left and is expected to make land fall near delaware bay and new jersey. >> the most important message that i have for the public right now is please listen to what your state and local officials are saying. when they tell you to evacuate, you need to evacuate. >> hurricane force winds extend 175 miles from the center, and the storm is combining with two other weather systems, to create a super storm, affecting around 50 million people. >> it could be 2, 300 miles away from the center, during this event, and still get some very, very bad weather, dangerous, or even life- threatening conditions. >> reporter: here in rehobeth beach, the waves are already reaching over the board walk and are heading inland. officials say the st
to show you where and when it will hit a bay area city coming up next. >> hi, i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the cbs 5 weather center. sunny and bright all the which to the coastline. some red flag warnings are up, some going up later. we'll talk about that coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, main street shops are in a h fit with big box discount stores. >>> it's tough to be a small business in this economy. main street shops are in tough spots with big box discount stores. cbs 5 reporter anne makovec reports. >> reporter: there's something in the air today in downtown pleasanton. >> excited, hopeful, that we'll get picked. >> reporter: at 6 p.m. a cash mob is going to take over one local business. it's kind of like a flash mob but instead of dancing, they're wielding money ready to spend. >> not about shoppping. this is a public declaration of your love of independent small business. >> reporter: the pleasanton downtown association has organized three cash mobs so far. the first one brought 20 people to towne centre books. >> we had a really good time. we put some refreshments out. and we
and contra costa county. >> it is a good example of cooperation between the cities and the counties between the multitude of jurisdictions. we're all working together for the same end. >> reporter: now, some of these agencies say a similar traffic system is in place now on washington state and that it's eased congestion by 50%. we could see road closures in association with this project over the next few years. caltrans will let us know in advance. anne makovec, cbs 5. >>> drives will have to find another way across the bay -- drives will have to find another way across the bay because san mateo bridge closes tonight starting friday at 10 p.m. and ending 5 a.m. on monday. caltrans is replacing sections of the bridge after temporarily fixing a crack found two years ago. alternative routes, you may try the dumbarton bridge, bay bridge and highway 237. >>> giants fans have been chanting mvp for months. while that title is still not settled buster posey can claim another honor. he is officially the comeback player of the year in the national league. no surprise there. he hit .336 with 24 homers
. most cooling centers are senior or community centers or libraries that the city will designate as a place for people to cooloff and grab something to drink in unusually hot days. now that it is october and we are hitting triple digits, the coordinator tells me shis unusual. >> the usual in newark, it is warm, but with our indian summer, it gets hotter than normal. we are here for folk to drop in, come and cool down, do activities you normally do outside inside! >> reporter: now today neighbor cans enjoy pool tables, computer labs and a special movie showing with popcorn and plenty of other free snacks and water. my shell, this isn't one of -- michelle, this isn't one of the only cooling centers in the east by the way. we have more information on the website at to see the other cooling centers in your neighborhood under the weather tab. >> that is good to know, kate. >>> well, police in concord are trying to figure out whether the hot temperatures contributed to the death of an elderly woman. the 86-year-old disappear from the an adult care f
the police department just wrapped up a press conference regarding violence in the city just a little bit ago. cate. >> reporter: frank, while the chief addressed a number of issues in this conference including the uptick in crime, as well as ways to fight it, we wanted to know what the chief had to say about the most recent federal monitor report that came out. here's what he had to say. >> all working to move in the same direction, which is full compliance with something we started 10 years ago. it's not been easy. it's been challenging. but there's no one here that's ducking from the responsibility. we all want the same thing. the. >> judge wants the same thing. i want the same thing. i want our officers to follow constitutional policing. >> reporter: the chief added that the department hasn't had enough time to fully review the report and admitted the department has room for growth. he was joined by people in the community including mayor quan. officers at the meeting highlighted successes the department made including arrests and two new ways to cut down on violence including a new progr
permanently from office but before that vote, mirkarimi sporters and critics alike are rallying outside city hall and cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington is there with details. >> reporter: before that hearing, some supporters of mirkarimi met on the steps of city hall saying reinstate ross now and his wife is expected to join them and will be at her husband's side during the hearing. many believe his dispute with his wife doesn't affect his ability to do his job. many domestic violence victims advocates say there is a big conflict of interest here. somebody on probation for domestic violence should not be leading the sheriff's department. the case has played out for months at city hall and today, we should know whether or not mirkarimi will keep his job. he was suspended without pay after pleading guilty to misdemeanor false imprisonment. his wife was bruised by the sheriff during an argument. mayor lee says he is not fit for office and tried to remove him. he testified before an etician commission that determined the sheriff was guilty of official misconduct. today at 2:00 the board of superv
is president obama's record. >> reporter: the city of danville rolled out the welcome mat for the candidates bringing a big spotlight to this small college town. >> it's one thing to study politics and government in the classroom and it's another to see it from a front row seat. >> reporter: vice president joe been out of the public eyes reportedly fueling up on gatorade and animal crackers during his debate prem in his home state of delaware. a congressman stood in for paul ryan in biden's mock debate. former michigan governor olm had e jennifer job four years ago playing the part of sarah palin. >> big challenge for someone like joe biden who is so glib and so good at l people is delivering a message inside of a structured format. >> reporter: biden will be trying to stop the republican ticket's momentum coming out of the first presidential debate. a new cbs news poll from three key battleground states suggestions romney is getting a boost from his performance. in wisconsin, president obama's six point lead is cut in half. in virginia the president's lead shra
, do some work at a charity, tour some of the businesses that make that city great. i don't know exactly what that would be here in san francisco, to be determined. mayor lee hopes he will be able to take the mayor of detroit up on that. anne makovec, cbs 5. >>> a big question for fans of course is the weather. looking a little ominous right now. we turn to the expert for that lawrence karnow for what we can expect at the ballpark later on tonight. so we're talking a few showers out there. >> we got some showers now. of course we had that rainfall moving through early on but things kind of just popping up now. we are getting a little afternoon heating and here we go. could get interesting as we head in toward the game. we are seeing a few showers hit and miss just like this. this is what we could see pop up toward game time. we are seeing some of those near san pablo, richmond, into the east bay hills but things will settle down more so in the afternoon the high pressure trying to begin to sneak this as the trough begins to slide in. the official forecast for tonight a 20% chance
more going on outside the city like florence & the machine in mountain view and madonna happens to be performing in san jose. san francisco's police chief talked about the exceptionally busy weekend today on our morning show. >> you know, we have just about every san francisco police officer working and god bless them. they know how big an event it is. we got little to no complaints. poa is direction. they will be out here keeping everybody safe. >> reporter: now, this shouldn't be a big shocker but officials are asking people not to drive even once you get here. parking really is expected to be a nightmare. so use mass transit, bart, ferries, muni all ramping up service beginning tonight. so this area right around marina green is expected to be one of the hot spots. we have america's cup, the blue angels viewing, sailboat racing continues through sunday. we talked to america's cup organizers who say they are happy to be sharing the spotlight. >> so there's a lot of action down here on marina green and i think we're going to have hundreds of thousands of people between the show
some taking out their anger in destructive ways. city hall is boarded up covering broken windows. also three banks, offices for kaiser permanente, a.c. transit and another building on 20th and broadway. rose works in the same building. >> very disappointing. i understand we have political arguments and opinions. that's what america is about. but this doesn't help anybody. >> reporter: nobody was hurt and police made no arrests. now it's about cleaning up. a cost to businesses and taxpayers who will foot the bill for repairs at city hall but some say the city's reputation is paying the highest price. >> it's kind of tarnishes's oakland's reputation in the bay area and nationally. >> reporter: to give you an idea of the expense this bank alone needs to replace 15 windows at about $2,000 per window, they are looking at a $30,000 bill. in oakland, elissa harrington, cbs 5. >>> police in the east bay want to know who killed a teacher at her home. susie ko was found dead in her hercules home after she failed to pick her husband up at the airport. police say she was killed between 7 and 10:00
in santa rosa, almost half inch in redwood city, lesser amounts elsewhere. not a bad start to the rainy season as this was the first significant storm system of the season. the game tonight, there's a chance we could see scattered showers. in fact, let's roll forward to 5 or 6:00. you can see the system off the coast dry to begin the game but then here comes game time there's a chance that the game goes on, we could see some rainfall during the game. i don't think it will postpone the game but there would delays. i hope it's not too long. that will keep us staying up late. back to you. >> to track the rain for yourself go, to to get the latest live doppler radar. >>> a torture epitomizes the 2010 season, 2012 defined by the giants resiliance. four days ago they were a game away from finishing the season and now they need one game to go to the world series. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran reports. >> reporter: there's a lot of hype around this game. the giants said it's sold out. your best bet is to go to online resalers. in a few hours, the team will be back on the field prepping
. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran live at frank ogawa plaza now with how the city is preparing for today's protest. cate. >> reporter: frank, michelle, we know that businesses in the area have actually started to board up their windows in anticipation of tonight's activity because we know if things pan out like in the past, anything can happen. let's look at video in last year. this day last year oakland police officers raided the encampment getting national media attention. protestors streamed the event live online. we saw hundreds of protestors clash with oakland police as they used tear gas to try and disperse the crowds. today "occupiers" are vowing to take back the area. the spoke with an organizer who says all the events are peaceful today and maintain that "occupy" movements are always intended to be peaceful. mayor quan says while they don't anticipate a big crowd the city is prepared for anything. >> we think pretty clear for the whole last year, no violence, no vandalism, no camping. we hope people if they want to have a peaceful demonstration, we're ready to accommodate them.
for the people. this morning i learned it's big business for the fans and for the city. >> reporter: mike smith and his team at graphics sportswear work overnight. >> it's great to see your shirt on it, fans and friends calling me. >> reporter: workers went into overdrive after the agendas won the pennant. the team's win translated into a business win for smith. >> normally we're done with christmas orders during october and usually now our presses aren't running. this has really helped us. >> reporter: fresh on the printing screens to the at&t dugout store. it opened early but not early enough for some die-hard fans. >> had to get it before everybody else. you can support the team and just proud, proud to be a san franciscan. >> showing the pride for the team. it's impressive. >> reporter: the tigers will be here for afternoon practice at 4:00 and the giants at 5:00. tomorrow every seat is expected to be filled. >> it's been an amazing post- season run. we had no idea that we were going to get here. the team came through and we are thrilled to bring a world series back to san francisco. >> rep
to be in court next monday. >>> a nanny suspected of killing two small children in new york city now under arrest and she too is in critical condition. the children's mother came home last night to her apartment near central park found the bodies of her 2 and 6-year-olds in the bathtub. the nanny also had stab wounds which police say wer self- inflicted. the children's father previously lived in san francisco and worked at yahoo. >>> a bay area community college district took a $100,000 hit. it had nothing to do with budget cuts. two former employees accused of embezzling the cash using a district credit card. anne makovec reports from san mateo. >> reporter: one of those employees will be arraigned this afternoon. prosecutors say it's $200,000 and this could just be the beginning. mark anthony and bradley john both 42 years old are charged with several felonies including embezzlement by a public officer, unauthorized use of another person's identification and altering computer data. one worked in the i.t. department of the san mateo county community college district. both had access to a credit
for the city. >> reporter: some oakland residents are fed up with the violence and don't think police are doing enough. >> these crimes go on and on and on. people don't like the cops because they're not going to find out -- they won't find out who mushedded my son. >> reporter: police are asking anybody with information to come forward and along with crimestoppers are offering a cash reward. also, one woman was injured by a stray bullet in one of those shootings last night. michelle. >> thank you, elissa. >>> disbelief for students and parents in albany today as they mourn the death of a young teacher there. investigators believe he took his own life. and the as cate caugiran explains, he had just been arrested last week. [ crying ] >> my son's life... >> reporter: it's the second wave of shock for students, parents and teachers at albany middle school. >> we loved james. he has been part of our family. we're very active in sports. he as a great man. we just love him. [ crying ] >> it's a big loss for everybody. >> reporter: dozens gathered around this memorial mourning the death of 6th grade
to pieces. muni shut down the west portal tunnel affecting lines into the city and shuttles were brought in for commuters. services were back up and running by 10 am 30 a.m. we're learning that the san francisco fire department responded to an electrical fire at this same location a year and a half ago. i was told that most of the damage was in the kitchen where the fire may have started. cate caugiran, cbs 5. >> thank you. >>> san francisco fire investigators are also looking into an early-morning house fire. this is in the mission district. this one started on the deck of a house on fair avenue before moving into the rest of the home. one person inside was able to get out safely. >>> a dangerous situation for firefighters in san jose this morning. they had to be careful while battling a fire because of a large amount of ammunition in the house. it broke out at the home on carlson avenue near union avenue in the cambrian neighborhood. anne makovec shows us the extensive damage. >> reporter: this fire broke out just before 4 a.m. neighbors woken up by a man who lived here running out in
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